Project: Video Design and Production for Antiquities Act Video

Graphic Works has been working with the National Park Service and Georgia State Parks long before videos were being put on web sites. Our experience partnering on the national and state level with these government agencies allows us to work on important and interesting projects, such as this historical overview of the Antiquities Act, which saved historical sites from desecration and development. Without this Antiquities Act, there would likely be condos crowding the rim of the Grand Canyon.

  • Starting with a wonderful script packed with historical content, our graphic designers developed a storyboard to creatively tell the story including ties to President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Our graphic artists built custom composited artwork, animation and motion typography to bring to life the story of this important law.
  • Using archival photos, amazing location photography and talented voice actors allowed Graphic Works to make a potentially bland piece of legislation interesting.
  • Seeing the sites that were saved by the Antiquities Act emphasizes its importance to future generations of Americans and nature lovers.