Project: Health Care Products Catalog and Product Photography

While most of Kimberly-Clark’s $2 billion Health Care portfolio encompasses high-profile surgical and infection control products, they also have a significant line of ancillary products, based on their world-class non woven technologies. Graphic works created a catalog for K-C’s non-woven offerings that encompass items like IV supports, telemetry pouches and single-use infant care products. This catalog was for the sales force and highlighted these products in a concise, easy-to-reference document.

  • These products are relatively low-volume and low-margin items. To reduce costs, our graphic designers used client-provided corporate photography and stock photography when possible.
  • Our in-house photographer created product photography images for the items in the catalog.
  • Our marketing experts worked with the client to organize the catalog by product type so that customers could easily focus on areas of specific need.
  • Our graphic artists developed simple, custom illustrations as required, to communicate actual product use.