Project: Product Brochure for International Company

A Fortune 100 company (NYSE: KMB), Kimberly-Clark is a powerhouse, with some of the best-known consumer brands in the world, like Kleenex, Scott and Huggies, to name a few. But few people know K-C also has a $2 billion franchise of B2B products and services that echo the company’s commitment to health and hygiene in the industrial market.

Our objective with this brochure was to give the K-C sales force a tool to bring their new, global, Creating Exceptional Workplaces initiative to occupational hygienists and safety officers in K-C Professional’s markets.

  • First and foremost, create a visual environment which very quickly defines the program as a workplace, rather than a consumer, effort.
  • Put a final focus on a call to action that encourages continued dialogue with the sales team, so a potential customer can further explore the benefits of the program.
  • Use short, segmented copy and headlines that will allow the recipient to quickly gain insight into the main program elements.